Update: Lessons in Edmonton & Banff have been cancelled and refunds issued.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

George demonstrating the dangers of a tree well to his students in Whistler, BC

I am brand new to snowboarding, can I really learn how to do this?

  • Yes. you can! The first lesson has a heavy focus on the heel edge, which most students begin to grasp within the first hour. By the end of the second hour, they are able to get down a hill safely using the heel edge technique. Confidence significantly increases and students become excited about their second lesson which focuses on the toe edge, which will eventually leads to turning in the third lesson, with the fourth lesson introducing carving. 

How many lessons would I need before I am able to carve down a slope?

  • It would take about 4 lessons on average, but everyone learns at a difference pace ( 1st lesson heel edge, 2nd toe edge, 3rd turning, and 4th carving). There aren't many sports where after a handful of lessons you can say you don't need an instructor any longer, but snowboarding is one of them. With Snowboard Lessons' technique, you'll be a snowboarder faster than you imagined. 

Why are Snowboard lessons better than The competitor's lessons?

  • The focus is on you. All you. First, we'll check the angle of your bindings as many rental agencies set them wrong with an overly aggressive angle on the back foot. This makes it extremely difficult for first timers to balance and also adds unnecessary pressure on the knee caps. During your first lesson you'll be surprised to find that your instructor won't strap on their snowboard, instead they will get on their knees and strap on your bindings for you each time. We do this to save time and to save you energy so you can focus on edge work. Your instructor will hold your hands and walk backwards downhill in order for you to find your balance and to keep you injury free from falling, until you are confident to do it on your own. You'll find on competitor websites they show photos of several students sitting on the snow while an instructor tells them what to do instead of helping, which leads to snapped wrists, bruised tailbones, face plants, and the demoralizing feeling that snowboarding is not for them. That, and they charge more too.

How Old do I need to be to take lessons with Snowboard Lessons?

  • We only teach if the student is 5 years or older.

What should I wear while snowboarding and should I rent or buy equipment?

  • Do not wear jeans (uncomfortable and conduct the cold) and make sure that when you bend over that your jacket is still covering your lower back (will expose your kidney while tightening your bindings). Wear loose warm clothing and in layers. Ideally, large thick socks that go past your ankles, long johns, sweat pants, snow pants, a long sleeve dri-fit shirt, a loose fitting sweater/hoodie, snow jacket that covers your lower back when you are bending over, gloves/mittens, a beanie/tuque. Later, you'll need eventually need goggles. Helmet is always recommended.

  • Definitely buy. You can find great deals on second hand equipment that is lightly used. After about fives uses it would be about the same as your rental costs. Once you're ready for higher quality equipment with more science behind it, you can sell your old equipment for close to the same price you paid for it. Your first snowboard you'll beat up and dent going over rocks, dirt, and small trees until your carving is precise, sharp, and accurate. A superior quality snowboard that is well used each year can last you as long as 10 years, but do not buy it until you're ready for it. 

Why do your mountain packages not have prices posted?

  • Trips to the mountains widely fluctuate in costs depending which day you go. Our goal is to make it affordable, so we do not charge a flat high price all the time. Instead, our prices change to reflect the particular days you want to travel so we can save you money.